1. How can I pay for reservations?
  2. what credit card should I use to pay?
  3. where is the payment gateway?
  4. Is it safe to pay via payment link you send to us?
  5. Can I pay my reservation fee in Iran?
  6. How can I cancel my reservations?
  7. how is the refund process?
  8. when should I do my reservation for hotel, train, flight,etc.?
  9. what is the exchange rate you use for your quotes?
  10. Is there any hidden fees like tax,etc?
  11. How much is your commission for reservations?


  1. we send you a link to pay online thru the gateway of our money exchange.
  2. You can use all main credit cards like: Visa, Master Card, American Express,etc.
  3. All the gateways we use are outside Iran, mostly in Europe.
  4. Yes, it is 100% safe either during filling in your private information or during the transaction process.
  5. No; due to the high demand for hotels and transport tickets in Iran, it is not possible to reserve without advance payment.
  6. you need to email us and request at least 1 week before your check-in date. (refer to terms & conditions for more information)
  7. After receiving cancel confirmation from hotel or transport company, we send the refund sum to your credit card account after deducting the exchange and administrative fees from it. (refer to terms & conditions for more information)
  8. For tours and hotel reservations at least 3 months before your arrival especially in high seasons (mid March to mid June and mid August to mid November); for transport ticket booking 1 month before your arrival; for transfers 1 week before your arrival.
  9. The official rate is based on Central Bank of Iran and XE.com, but we often use a rate between it and the unofficial rate.
  10. Not at all!; the quotes we send to your email are the final price we ask you.
  11. For hotel reservations we often ask for no commissions; for transport ticket booking 6 EUR for normal bookings (2-5 working days) and 16 EUR for express bookings (1 working day).