How to use my cellphone in Iran?

Cellphone Network Operators in Iran


Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI) is Iran’s first and largest mobile phone network operator. MCI is a subsidiary of the Telecommunication Company of Iran and has over 18 million postpaid and over 47 million prepaid subscribers. In Iran people call it “hamrahe avval”.

Hamrahe Avval’s service is available in 1,239 cities and over 70,000 kilometers of highways in Iran. It also provides roaming services via 271 partner operators in more than 112 countries.In 2015 MCI launched 4G technologies by a new brand name- Notrino.

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MTN Irancell:

Irancell operates as Iran’s second largest mobile network and fixed wireless TD-LTE internet services. The company’s joint venture in 2006 with MTN Group (49%) and Iran Electronic Development Company (IEDC) (51%) were launched in Iran.

On December 3, 2014, Irancell officially launched Iran’s first 4G LTE network in nine cities. The License was granted as on a national basis and includes the overall geographical coverage of Iran.

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RighTel is the third mobile phone network operator in Iran. RighTel is the first 3G mobile operator in Iran, providing 3.75G mobile telecommunication services to individuals and businesses.

Established by the Social Security Organization, RighTel was made public in late 2011 and started its expansion and launching of services in 2012. RighTel has covered all province centers and many large cities, exceeding the milestones set by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Iran. RighTel was bought by EN Group and the Eghtesad Family in 2013, the management however did not alter. The company was then listed under EN Group of companies. In 2015, RighTel launched 4G LTE technologie.

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Network Coverage:

MCI has the largest network coverage; Irancell has the second rank and Rightel the 3rd place


All the 3 mobile network operators in Iran have roaming services. you can check their website or ask them what operators they cooperate with outside Iran.

Sim Card Size:

All the operators provide all the classic,mini and micro sim card sizes.

Cellphone use Limit:

Any tourist coming to Iran with a cellphone or tablet (with cellular option) can use their cellphone or tablet only for 30 days. After 30 days they must pay a tax at any Iran Customs office and register their cellphones otherwise all Iranian sim cards will get inaccessible for their cellphone or tablet.

Apple Store and iTunes Restriction:

Due to US sanctions, Apple store and iTunes are not accessible thru Iran IP’s. However, sometimes you might access Apple Store and iTunes using a VPN.

Cellular Data Internet:

All these 3 operators supply 4G internet and recently MCI and Irancell 4.5G Internet.

All of them supply the cellular data internet service in diverse packages with different volume and duration limits.