What local food should you try in every city of Iran?


1- Lubia sefid (White beans) Dizi: Dizi (Abgousht) is one of the oldest foods allover Iran. This kind of Dizi is cooked with local white beans of Kashan.

Ingredients: Onion, Mutton, tomato paste, potato, Omani lime, local white beans and spice.

white beans Dizi

2- Kashani Tas Kebab: is a kind of Tas kebeb cooked with special recipe in Kashan.

Ingredients: mutton, onion, egg plant, tomato, pomegranate paste and spice.

Kashani tas Kebeb

3- Chelo Dizi: is mix of Dizi with rice

Ingredients: rice, mutton, black-eyed beans, onion, oil and spice

Chelo dizi


1- Beryani: is a famous, tasty and very strong food in Isfahan

Ingredients:  Sheep lung, mutton, sheep fat, onion, walnut, almond, pistachio and spice

Isfahan Beryani

2- Halim Bademjan: is another nutritious food in Isfahan

Ingredients: mutton, rice, onion, egg plant, garlic, saffron, kashk, fried mint powder and spice

halim bademjan

3-Maast (Yogurt) stew: as it name shows, is mainly made from yogurt.

Ingredients: yogurt, sugar, mutton, egg (yoke), onion, rose extract, barberry, almond, pistachio and spice

Maast (Yogurt) stew


1-Shuli Pottage: is one of the most popular and delicious foods in Yazd. It is considered as a light meal you can eat at any time.

Ingredients: espionage, dill, wheat flour, beetroot, green lentils, onion, oil, vinegar and spice

shuli pottage

2- Yazdi Gheymeh (pea Gheymeh) stew: is a different kind of “Gheymeh” stew in Yazd

Ingredients: onion, peas, mutton, Omani lime, saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and spice

Yazdi Gheyme

3- Beh va Alu (quince & plum) stew: This stew has a fantastic taste and can be tart or sweet.

Ingredients: quince, plum, mutton, yellow split peas, onion, oil, ginger and spice.

Beh va Alu (quince&plum) stew:


1- Shirazi polo: is the best typical of Shirazi food.

Ingredients: rice, chicken, eggplant, yogurt, barberry, pistachio, almond, saffron and spice

shirazi polo

2- “Dopiazeh aalu” (potato & onion): is a simple and fast-made food which is served at nights with bread. In Shirazi dielect “aalu” means potato, not plum!

Ingredients: Onion, potato,tomato paste and spice

dopiazeh aalu

3- “Shirazi kalam polo” (lunar cabbage): is originally from Shiraz, but it is also cooked in other cities of Iran.

Ingredients: Lunar cabbage, ground mutton, onion, rice, peas powder, chives, basil, thyme and spice

kalam polo


1- “Bozghormeh” stew: is the most famous food in Kerman,however it is also cooked in other cities of Iran

Ingredients: goat meat, peas, onion, garlic, kashk, saffron, fried spearmint powder and seasoning


2- “Zireh” polo: zireh or cumin is a famous local product of Kerman which is used many in “polo”s.

Ingredients: black cumin, rice , oil and spice

zireh polo

3- “Aalucheh” stew: in Iran “cheh” is the suffix for making small or making raw. Aalu means plum, as the result Aalucheh is small or raw plum.

Ingredients:  mutton, raw plum, cranberry beans, tomato paste, dried coriander & parsley, onion and spice

aalucheh stew

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