Kordestan Eco Tour

Hiking & Camping in Kordestan (5N6D)

Sightseeing Points:

  • Terraced villages of “Horaman Takht” and “Lahoon”
  • Ellegant valley of “Darband ke Lam”
  • Mount “Evalan”
  • “Soote” mountain village
  • “Pire Rostam” mountain village
  • “Horaman Takht” village view
  • “Avmarde” mountain lake
  • “Hesariye” mountain village
  • “Sarpir” village view
  • The beautiful “Balber” defile view
  • The beautiful “Zhivar” defile view
  • Trekking along “Sirvan” river
  • Untouched views of “shir darre”, “Gouli” and “banen” villages
  • “Naav” village
  • “Bell” spring
  • Boat-riding in “Dariyan” damn
  • “Zhoni” valley
  • Mount “Salan”
  • “Zhoni” village
  • “Salan forests
  • Mount “Shahoo” view
  • Amazing “Koolizh” village
  • “Ghanga” valley
  • “Kooziban” valley and village
  • “Hanie” village
  • “Palangan” village view
  • “Tangi var” village


Night 1: transport from Tehran to Sanandaj

Day 1: pick up from bus station,hiking in the valley of “Darband ke Lam” and camping by the “Avmarde” mountain lake

Day 2: hiking in “Horaman Takht” valley and camping in high land of “Gooli”

Day 3: hiking from “Roovar” valley to “Zhoni” village and camping in  “Zhoni” village

Day 4: hiking from “Sardasht” village to “Ghanga” valley and camping by “Kalour” spring or in “Divaznav” village

Day 5: hiking fro “Sirvan” river to “Kooziban” village and camping in “Haniye” village

Day 6: Safari riding from “Haniye” village- drop off at the bus station

Night 7: transport from Sanandaj to Tehran


  • supporting SUV s during the tour
  • camping equipment
  • Breakfast, Lunch, dinner and snacks
  • experienced guides, insurance, chef, paramedics and first aids

Not included:

  • sleeping bags (due to hygiene reasons)
  • personal hiking equipment

Price: from 450 EUR per person


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