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About Buses in Iran

In Iran there are bus routes to almost all cities. More than 20 companies transport people in 2 Ordinary and VIP classes. VIPs have larger and more comfortable seats with higher price of course.

Both classes usually cater passengers with a small pack of snack and usually stop at on-the-way restaurants for trips longer than 4 hours depending on the departure time.

Bus terminals are usually located outside the downtown and takes 20 minutes or so to arrive.

All the bus drivers in Iran are monitored and controlled by cameras and GPS locator systems all the way from start to the end of the trip and they must also log their driving logbooks almost every 100 kilometers at traffic police stations between the main cities. For trips longer than 8 hours there must be more than one driver in a bus.

The most famous companies are Royal Safar, Hamsafar and Seyro Safar.

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